We are loving your #TEACHERSBUILDFUTURES nominations!

14 November 2016

Last month, we launched our #teachersbuildfutures competition, to celebrate all the fantastic educators using K’NEX in classrooms across the UK to teach children engineering concepts in a fun and engaging way.

We’ve already received lots of awesome entries from pupils and wanted to share some of these with you. We haven’t included names because we don’t want to ruin the surprise for teachers who have been nominated in case they are selected as winners. We hope you enjoy reading the nominations below as much as we did!

Inspired to nominate? We’ll be selecting a winner each month from March to July so if you know a teacher who is simply the best, tell us why! Winners will receive goodies for their class to enjoy building as a team, including a K’NEX Crossfire Chaos coaster and a 70 Model Ultimate Building Set.  Post your nomination on our Facebook wall, tweet it to us @knexuk using #teachersbuildfutures or email it to

“My teacher needs resources to help me and my friends learn in alternative ways as we find reading and writing very difficult. Since I started at my school last September she has made school a place I want to be and my confidence has increased greatly. I want to be an inventor when I grow up and K’NEX helps me with my designs!

I would like to nominate the best teacher in the WORLD! She deserves to win because when you are down she always gives you a big hug. If you have been good (really good) you put a marble in the jar and when it's full you get a treat. She always gives you wonderful work and if you love design technology then she is the teacher for you.”

I would like to nominate my science teacher who, as my form teacher, has been a massive help to my general skills at school. She has helped me build my self-confidence enough for me to tackle all my exams to Secondary School. Before she started teaching me, I didn't feel that interested by Science, but when she started, she transformed it for me.”

“My teacher is the best because she turns everything into a game and makes the lessons seem really exciting and fun. She is always getting us to build things and we have often used K’NEX. Once we had to build Anderson shelters using recycled materials which she tested by pouring water on them in all directions. My shelter didn't win that time but it was fun to do the challenge and I will remember that forever!”