Titanfall - General Tips

  • Carefully check the orientation of the blue and gray 3D connections. In the instructions, when a rod should have a connection point with a 3D connector and it does not on your model, it is mostly likely because you have not oriented the 3D connection properly – simply adjust to easily connect the rod.
  • You will find it is easier to cross snap a rod to a connector first before adding any additional to the connector. The cross snap is the firmest connection and if you try it after adding rods to the other connection points on the connector it will be much more difficult to perform the cross snap. Try to do them first when building a particular section.
  • When adding rods to holes in molded parts be sure to press rod in hole firmly to seat it properly – in most cases you will feel it "snap" into place.

IMC Atlas Titan Building Set - Specific Building Help

  • Step 2 – Ball joint is a firm snap and take some pressure to go together properly. You may find that it is easier to place in at a 90 Degree angle.
  • Step 7 – There is a left and a right foot piece. When assembled correctly the pieces should be pointing outward.
  • Step 8 – Remove green rod before attaching gray connectors on to the bottom of the model. Then reattach green rod. 
  • Step 12 – There are two pieces being added on each side to the structure that was built in step 11. 
  • Step 18 – The gray piece that is added into the green body piece is actually a tan piece. 
  • Step 22 – Green piece that is being inserted into the orange connector is actually a gray piece.

Milita Ogre Titan Building Set - Specific Building Help

  • Step 4 – Attach white rod (90951) to the end of the yellow connectors (90906) where the gray part that attaches the 2 yellow connectors together has the outcropping- the gray ratchet should make a clicking noise when moved if attached to the correct side of the yellow connectors
  • Step 5 – be sure to attach black "hand" connector (90914) to large ball/socket (91600/91610) before attaching to white rod (90951)
  • Step 7 – When attaching step 7 to back of step 8 remove green rod from step 7, attach section to green rod in step 8 by coming in from the side to attach and then pushing the section around to the front – then attach the other green rod 
  • Steps 8 + 10 – Be sure to "snap" the front shin parts onto the ends of the white rods – they should snap in place and the back shin parts onto the green rods (you need to push until you feel a "snap")
  • Step 11 – be sure to attach middle yellow connectors in 2nd connection point to get correct angle to outside yellow connectors.
  • Step 17 – green square part in instructions is actually a dark gray part in the set