General Tips

  • Review the “Getting Started” tips in the beginning of the instruction book before building.
  • Track Connectors (that hold the tubing in place) - Space the track connectors carefully as indicated on each page throughout building the track and move them only after the model is completed and if you are having trouble getting the car to make the whole circuit.
  • Pay particular attention to the placement of track connectors to the orange connectors that attach the flexible rods together. Example: Page 25 - Step 37: The placement of these parts helps to make the curves and twists necessary for the car to roll smoothly around the track
  • Track must be smooth around the entire circuit with no dips or bulges that could slow the car down. It should be steeply banked to the inside as it curves down the hill and also around the last curve before the chain lift

Specific Building Help

  • Page 33 – Step 54: Make sure clear flexi rods go under the gray rod holding the gears in place otherwise car will stall at top of hill