General Tips

  • Double check all connections to ensure all parts are in the correct spots and are firmly snapped together.
  • Double check the placement of the bright yellow track connectors on each page starting with page 22, Step 30 to ensure you are attaching the track pieces to the right spots on the understructure.
  • Pay close attention to page 39, Step 64. Proper attachment of these connectors ensures that the track will be in the best spot for the launcher to operate properly.
  • If car is hitting the blue/gray connection as it goes around the top curve, reposition blue/gray connector (connection on Page 15, Step 19) to have flat side facing up.

Specific Tips for Model:

  • Page 10, Step 10 – Orange rod should lay flat when building
  • Page 29 – You may need to adjust positioning of downward facing yellow connectors so they attach properly to the tan parts already included on the built structure
  • Page 34, Step 54 – For proper placement of 4th yellow connector from the left see Step 55 – it is perpendicular to the other connectors
  • Pages 39-55 – When attaching the track, carefully follow the arrows on each page to see the proper location for the connection of the tan pieces and track.
  • Page 53, Step 93 – If you are having trouble attaching Step 93, unhook the track pieces in Step 91. Continue through Step 93 and then return to complete Step 91

Tips for Launcher:

  • Be sure to use fresh, same type batteries in the Launcher.
  • Be sure to start the car at top of model so it has momentum going into the Launcher (do NOT start car right at Launcher).
  • Make sure car is not hitting understructure anywhere along the track as it goes up the hill.