Super Mario Prongo Building Set - General Tips

After stickers are applied to panels, push K’NEX parts through holes on panel from the “smooth” side of the sticker to avoid unsettling stickers.

Super Mario 3D Land Ghost House - General Tips

Pay close attention to orientation of blue and gray connections throughout instructions.

Specific Building Help

  • Page 6-8 Gears are attached to underside of structure. Make sure that you flip the structure over before adding gears. The teeth of the gears must mesh together between gears.
  • Page 22 If Ghost is getting stuck flying through “curtain” of gray rods when spinning the red gear as directed on page 28, remove the purple connector and black rod from the 4th gray rod from the left.
  • Page 23 The black connector shown attaching to a white rod will only hook onto the end of the white rod - the connection is meant to be flexible.