K'NEX Education®
K'NEX Education® sets are designed to maximize student engagement in today's busy classroom. Sets feature hands-on, inquiry-based lesson plans that help teach STEM topics and are aligned to national education standards.

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K'NEX Education Real Bridge Building Set

Teach your students about the art and science of bridge building while creating replicas of real-word bridges

K'NEX Education Renewable Energy Set

Teach your students how machines work by harnessing the powers of wind, water, and solar energy!

K'NEX Education Roller Coaster Physics Set

Make physics easy and exciting for your students with the K'NEX Education Roller Coaster Physics Set!

K'NEX Education Simple And Compound Machines Set

Let your students explore the powers of machines with the K'NEX Education Simple and Compound Machines Set!

K'NEX Education Stem Explorations - Swing Ride Building Set

Give your child an edge in STEM with the K'NEX Education STEM Explorations Swing Ride Building Set!

K'NEX Education Stem Explorations Roller Coaster Building Set

Your child can explore STEM concepts while building a working roller coaster with K'NEX Education STEM Explorations Roller Coaster Building Set!

K'NEX Education® Elementary Math And Geometry Set

Students can explore the world of mathematics in a fun and exciting way with K'NEX Education Elementary Math and Geometry Set!

K'NEX Education® Energy, Motion & Aeronautics Set

Let your students explore real-world concepts and principles in the field of engineering with the K'NEX Education Energy, Motion & Aeronautics Set!

K'NEX Education® Exploring Machines Set

Students can explore how real world machines work with the K'NEX Education Exploring Machines Set!

K'NEX Education® K-8 General Construction Set

Children will have fun while developing their cognitive skills with the K'NEX Education K-8 General Construction Set.

K'NEX Education® Maker's Kit Basic

Students can use their imagination to create fun models with the Maker's Kit Basic from K'NEX Education, the perfect K'NEX solution to start your makerspace!

K'NEX Education® Makers Kit Simple Machines

Make learning more exciting and fun with the K'NEX Education Makers Kit Simple Machines, the perfect K'NEX solution for your makerspace!

K'NEX Education® Maker's Kit Wheels

Budding makers can create and customize their own vehicles with the K'NEX Education Maker's Kit Wheels, the perfect K'NEX solution for your makerspace!

K'NEX Education® Stem Explorations Gears Building Set

Prepare your child for the real world at an early age with the K'NEX STEM Explorations Gears Building Set!

K'NEX Education® Stem Explorations Levers And Pulleys Building Set

See science concepts in action with the K'NEX Education STEM Explorations Levers and Pulleys Building Set!

STEM Building Toys

K’NEX Education® offers a wide variety of STEM building toys that are ideal for both classroom or home use. Boys and girls of all ages and skill levels can boost their knowledge of STEM subjects with these building toys that include hands-on, inquiry-based learning opportunities. STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, curriculum concepts are easy to find in almost every K’NEX Education building toys set through teacher guides and lesson plans written and tested by renowned educators in classrooms across the country.

Delivering Across All Grade Levels

From pre-k through 12th grade, we’re with you every step of the way. K’NEX Education® provides 3D STEM learning tools to engage and excite students of all ages. STEM educators of all grade levels will love K’NEX Education® building toys since they can help kids to develop their physical dexterity, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. It’s never too early to start giving kids an edge in STEM with Kid K’NEX toddler building toys. As boys and girls click the color-coded rods and connectors together, they can create a multitude of different moving educational models, inspired by real-world machines that have real-world applications. K’NEX is also fully committed to keeping girls interested in STEM subjects as long as possible by offering a full range of engineering toys for girls.

All K’NEX educational products are perfect for today’s busy classrooms as they maximize student engagement – kids love to build, as any parent who has purchased a K’NEX roller coaster building set for their kids already knows! K'NEX rods, connectors, and trim pieces that come in either K’NEX Education® or K'NEX retail sets are exactly the same. Feel free to combine parts from any K'NEX set to create anything you imagine.The difference between these two kinds of sets is that K’NEX Education® sets are specifically designed to use as a classroom tool rather than a child's toy.

Every product from the K’NEX Education® line comes with a comprehensive teacher’s guide, complete with lesson plans as well as suggestions for follow-up work. The easy to follow color-coded instructions grant teachers the ability to direct students to work independently or in groups. The teacher’s guides are available on CD-ROM with a majority of K’NEX Education® products. Furthermore, comprehensive lesson plans with key terms, definitions, workflows, and more are available online to view and download.
These curriculum materials detail how to integrate K'NEX into lessons to teach concepts such as simple machines, space exploration, fractions, potential and kinetic energy, measurement, and more. They conveniently contain multiple K'NEX parts and instructions so multiple students can build and study at the same time.

Our educational building toys teach STEM concepts through hands-on problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning and critical thinking. K’NEX Education® products are aligned to national standards, and the inquiry-based lessons challenge students as they build, investigate, problem solve, discuss and evaluate scientific and design principles in action. Using these skills is how Joel Glickman came up with the idea for K’NEX in the first place.

While attending a wedding in the year 1990, Joel Glickman innocently began to tinker with some drinking straws. The cogs in his head started to turn, and the rest is history. Just two years later, after adding some very innovative product engineering, came the color-coded rod and connector building system which is now known as K'NEX. As K'NEX grew over the years, they added wheels, pulleys, and gears into the mix so that kids were able to build vehicles, roller coasters and other kinds of innovative creations using their imagination. The easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that are included in every one of our sets make it easy for builders to bring their models to life.

STEM Success

Whether it’s computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, video games, or something else, kids these days are always burying their faces in the bright light of a digital screen. While there is much to be learned from the ever-evolving technology in our world, it can’t teach kids everything. Boys and girls of all ages will undoubtedly learn STEM concepts by playing with K’NEX Education® building toys. By playing with other children, they will also learn valuable social skills that will benefit them in the real world as they get older. They’ll learn how to share with other kids as well as how to work together to accomplish a common goal.
STEM workers drive our country’s creativity, innovation, and competitiveness by conceiving new ideas, companies, and industries. The amount of STEM jobs available are growing at a much faster rate than non-STEM jobs. Nonetheless, U.S. businesses often find themselves disappointed with the availability of people working in STEM. This scenario also means that STEM workers are less likely to be out of a job when compared to their non-STEM counterparts since there are more positions available than there are people to fill them. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics workers play a vital role in the continued growth and stability of our country’s economy. By building with K’NEX educational products and developing these types of skills at a such a young age, kids will already have a leg up on the competition and put themselves on the path to success.

People that work in STEM earn higher pay, receiving 26 percent more in wages than their non-STEM counterparts. Furthermore, more than two-thirds of all STEM workers have at least a college degree while only less than one-third of non-STEM workers have their degree. Those that hold STEM degrees enjoy higher earnings, whether they have a STEM job or not.
Use K’NEX to learn about a wide variety of topics such as DNA replication, physics, geometry, robotics, forces like energy and motion, as well as wind, water, and solar energy. The possibilities are virtually limitless! From the living room to the boardroom, we are proud to help build the leaders of tomorrow!

Made in the USA

K'NEX manufactures rods and connectors at an eco-friendly facility located in Pennsylvania. While a majority of toy products are produced overseas, at K’NEX, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing in the United States of America, producing more than 39 billion parts for the K'NEX building toy system since 1992.
K’NEX is the imagination company building moving edutainment experience. We design our educational building toys for hungry minds of boys and girls everywhere who love and enjoy pushing the boundaries of creativity, by connecting science, engineering, art and imagination. We strive to move fun-powered imaginations forward!