Introducing our brand new range… K'NEX Beasts Alive!

17 November 2016

Here’s a lowdown on every buildable beast in the range. Tweet us @knexuk or post on our Facebook wall to tell us which of these creatures you would create first!

X-Flame and Stompz
These fierce and fiery dragon inspired sets each contain more than 350 K’NEX pieces and three building ideas for endless fun. The motor included in each set brings to life walking and wing movement, so you can see your new creation come ALIVE! Sold separately. £29.99 each.

Bronto and Tri-Stego
These dinosaur inspired sets each come complete with more than 200 K’NEX pieces and three building ideas, so you can enjoy creating awesome beasts over and over again. With a motor included with each set, you’ll love watching them move for real! Sold separately. £19.99 each.

Robo Strike, Robo Smash and Robo Sting
Robo Strike walks like a scorpion, Robo Smash hops along like a primate and Robo Sting’s wings flap just like a hornet. Each has more than 150 K’NEX pieces. Combine all three Robo Creatures for the ultimate motorized monster! Sold separately £14.99 each.

Chompster and Insectra
These creepy crawling critters have 130 K’NEX pieces and three building ideas each. Once you’ve built your creature, push it along to bring cool movements to life. Insectra’s pincers are ready to strike, while Chompster’s arms are prepared for battle! Sold separately. £9.99 each.

The K’NEX Beasts Alive range will be available from July at toy stores nationwide.