General Tips

  • Orientation of parts - Be sure to check and re-check orientation of blue/blue, blue/gray and gray/gray connectors. If a rod should hook into a double connector and there is no connection spot available to easily connect to, it may mean that the double connector is not oriented correctly.
  • Track pieces - Connectors should attach to the track pieces with a firm “snap”. If your track pieces keep popping off after you have attached them to the main structure, it is likely you have not "snapped" the connectors onto the correct side of the track.

Specific Tips for Model:

  • Page 14, Step 12- Pay close attention to orientation of the blue connectors.
  • Page 15, Step 14- Be sure you have the small Black Rod in the Red Connector.
  • Page 15, Step 14 - Pay close attention to orientation of the blue connectors.
  • Page 17, Step 19- Pay close attention to the small Yellow Micro Rods being snapped into the Yellow Micro Connectors.
  • Page 17, Step 19 - Make sure the Launcher is lined up with the Rods and Connectors. This section should fit together very easily if everything is lined up properly.
  • Page 21, Step 27- Be sure to use the larger Red Rod in this Step.
  • Page 23, Step 31- When attaching the track you will need to adjust the Yellow Connectors on the Red Rods so they face towards the rod you are connecting them to.
  • Page 31, Step 47 - Be sure that the track piece goes through the structure as it is shown in the detail box.