Building Fun All Summer Long!

18 November 2016

The summer holidays offer a perfect opportunity to enjoy some quality playtime as a family! Our top tips below will help you not only have lots of fun together, but also maximise the already huge benefits of construction play.

Indoors and Outdoors
We recently launched K'NEX K-FORCE, the first ever range of buildable, customisable blasters that are perfect for indoor and outdoor play. The range was inspired by more than 350,000 online searches asking how to make blasters from K'NEX, so in a way it has been built by the fans themselves!

Learn all summer long
This August will see the launch of K'NEX Mighty Makers, a brand new range of building sets designed to empower girls to build big and dream even bigger!  Every building set in the K'NEX Mighty Makers line has been designed to encourage girls ages 7+ to have fun while exploring science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) concepts.

Get inspired by your adventures
Relive fun family experiences by building them again and again! Perhaps a trip to the London Eye will inspire you to build a classic K'NEX Ferris Wheel, or maybe a Hollywood blockbuster will encourage you to build your very own dinosaur with K'NEX Beasts Alive, our recently launched dino and dragon themed range.

Have fun with free play
A big tub of construction play pieces, such as the K'NEX 70 Model Ultimate Building Set, is a great opportunity to encourage free play. Be careful not to take over, instead asking children lots of questions about what they're building. Challenge them to incorporate other items into the build for a whole new experience. Perhaps they could build a chair for their dolly or a car for their teddy.

Teamwork makes the dream work
Construction play is a useful way to reinforce the importance of teamwork. Encourage your children to build both alone and with others, allowing them to learn the invaluable life skills of communication and cooperation. What could be better than learning vital social skills in a constructive and fun way!