K-FORCE Build and Blast®
The only line of dart blasters that you build and customize! Big or small, single or multi-shot, design and combine to build the blaster of your dreams.

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K-5 Phantom

Build your own customizable blaster with the K-5 Phantom!

K'NEX K-Force 10 Dart Pack And Clip

The K'NEX K-Force Dart Pack and Clip gets kids away from a screen for an unplugged experience.

K'NEX K-Force 30-Dart Pack And Target

Get into a continuous blasting action with the K'NEX K-FORCE 30 Dart Pack Plus Target!

K'NEX K-Force Barracuda Rotoshot Blaster Building Set

Unplug your children from their digital screens and help them engage in an action-filled and heart-pounding recreational activity with the Barracuda Rotoshot Blaster Building Set from K'NEX K-Force

K'NEX K-Force Battle Bow Building Set

Kids will enjoy fun blasting action with the K'NEX K-FORCE Battle Bow Building Set!

K'NEX K-Force Flash Fire Motorized Blaster Building Set

Let your children experience endless building possibilities withK'NEX K-Force Build and Blast!

K'NEX K-Force K-10V Building Set

Let your children exercise their imaginations by designing and building their own amazing dart blasters with theK'NEX K-FORCE Build and Blast™ K-10V Building Set.

K'NEX K-Force K-20X Building Set

Build, customize, and blast! K-FORCE K-20X Building Set from K'NEX lets your children design and create the blaster of their dreams.

K'NEX K-Force Mini Cross Building Set

Children can have a blast with the powerful K'NEX K-FORCE Mini Cross Building Set!They can use the 82 assorted pieces to create a unique blaster toy from this Mini Cross Building Set.

K'NEX K-Force Sabertooth Rotoshot Blaster Building Set

Build a customizable blaster with the NEW Lever-Action RotoChamber!