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10 Model Fun Building Set

Encourage your children''s creativity and imagination with the highly stimulating K''NEX 10 Model Fun Building Set!

Amusement Park Experience

The K'NEX® Education Amusement Park Experience Set provides an opportunity to combine real-world applications with STEM concepts in a middle school classroom environment. Using these materials, students will be engaged and energized as they experience the interrelationships and further their knowledge and understanding of the science, technology, engineering and math concepts associated with such rides and structures. The Teacher's Guide offers a teaching approach that challenges students to take an active role in constructing their own knowledge by engaging in hands-on, inquiry-based learning, and by interacting and collaborating with other students while discussing ideas and concepts, informs the activities associated with the K'NEX® Education Amusement Park set.

Cars Building Set

Zoom around the room with the Cars Building Set, from K'NEX!

Donkey Kong™ Bike Building Set

Build Donkey Kong™ and his Standard Bike from Mario Kart™ 8!

Education Motor Pack

Motorize your K'NEX models to make them more realistic with these two battery-powered motors. ("AA" batteries not included). Turn concept models into "Technology at Work".

Flash Fire Motorized Blaster Building Set

Build a customizable blaster with 10-Shot Motorized Rapid Fire!

Fun On The Ferris Wheel Building Set

Ride all the rides with Emily and her bear, Cocoa, with the Fun on the Ferris Wheel™ Building Set from Mighty Makers®.

K-8 Construction Set

Great value building set contains 1,313 K'NEX Rods and Connectors, 1 spring motor and a power pack motor. Two instruction books to build 80 models, including 8 dynamic motorized creations. Supports up to 12 students building simultaneously in teams of 2-3

Kid K'nex Classroom Collection

KID K'NEX Rods, Connectors, and KID K'NEX Blocks can be used by children with varying manipulative skills. Builds 23 models from 1:1 correspondence cards or children can create their own models using the 225 parts. Enough pieces for 8 - 10 children.

Luigi™ Bike Building Set

Build Luigi™ and his Standard Bike from Mario Kart™ 8!

Maker Kit Basic

The perfect K'NEX starter kit for your Maker Space!

Maker Kit Large

The perfect K'NEX solution for your Maker Space!

Maker Kit Simple Machines

The perfect K'NEX solution for your Maker Space, featuring 22 simple machine models!

Maker Kit Wheels

The perfect K'NEX solution for your Maker Space - with 3 types of motors!