Product Safety

The safety of children using K'NEX toy and education products is our paramount concern. All K’NEX toy products, including Lincoln Logs® and TINKERTOY® (both licensed from Hasbro®), and K’NEX Education® sets are designed from start to finish to be safe. All of the materials used in our toy products, our toy models themselves, and packaging, too, meet Global Toy Safety standards including, but not limited to, the United States Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (“CPSIA”), the European Union’s Toy Safety Directive, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, and the Australian Toy Safety regulations. 

We use an accredited independent third party laboratory to routinely test all of the materials used in our toy and education products, our models, and product packaging, to ensure that our products meet or exceed all relevant government safety regulations and guidelines. 

The plastics we use in K’NEX toy and education products do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA). Regarding phthalates (pronounced “thal-ates”), which are chemicals used to soften plastics – all K’NEX toy and education products comply with applicable global phthalates laws and regulations, including the CPSIA, and European Union REACH regulation, which restricts the use of phthalates. 

Safety is the number one concern we have when designing, building, and selling our K’NEX toy and education products. Each of our models are further reviewed and tested by the members of our internal Product Safety Committee, which includes a cross-functional group of people – not just engineers and designers. Many of the members of this Committee are also parents of young children, who use their experience with their own children as a yardstick to measure “real world” usage of our products, and answer the pivotal question: “Would I let my child play with this toy or education set?” 

At a typical internal Product Safety Committee meeting, you would see team members sticking their fingers into open areas of our toys and education models, placing their fingers, hands and hair into motorized constructions, and feeling the product components at connection points, all in an effort to try to foresee the unexpected things a child might do with a toy or K’NEX Education™ product. 

We’re fully aware of the trust parents and kids place in us regarding the safety of K’NEX toy and education products, and are committed to continue to manufacture and design products that are not only fun, but are also safe for the children of the world to play and learn with.