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Kid K'NEX Blinkin' Buddies Building Set

Familiarize your children with the basic concepts of building and creating with the Blinkin' Buddies Building Set from Kid K'NEX!

Kid K'NEX Budding Builders Building Set

Make learning more fun and exciting with the Budding Builders Building Set from Kid K'NEX!

Kid K'NEX Build A Bunch Set

Make learning more fun and exciting with the Budding Builders Building Set from Kid K'NEX!

Kid K'NEX Ocean Pals Building Set

Help your kids explore the basic concepts of building and creating with the Ocean Pals Building Set from Kid K'NEX!

Kid K'NEX Stretchin' Friends Building Set

Introduce your kids to the fun world of K'NEX with the Stretchin' Friends Building Set from Kid K'NEX. Teach them the basic concepts of building and the art of creating with this enjoyable playtime set.

Kid K'NEX Zoomin' Rides Building Set

Introduce your children to the wonderful world of K'NEX and let them learn the art of building and creating with the Zoomin' Rides Building Set from Kid K'NEX!

Building Toys for Preschoolers

Kid K'NEX® building toys for preschoolers are the perfect way for your toddler to express their imagination and creativity! Developed specifically for little hands, Kid K'NEX® parts are larger, softer, and chunkier than classic K'NEX rods and connectors, so your preschoolers will be building and creating in no time.

These building toys allow preschoolers to develop their fine motor skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. Budding toddler engineers will delight in making creatures, vehicles, monsters, and more. Fun parts like eyes, fins, tails, and feet are included in the sets, giving each creation a pop of personality that is sure to delight your toddler. Kid K’NEX building toys for preschoolers allow your toddler to build some of their favorite things, like cars, helicopters, penguins, fish, even an octopus. Preschool building success happens as easily as a snap and a click! But Kid K’NEX® isn’t just for preschoolers; these toys are so endearing and colorful, parents will want to join in the building fun.

It’s never too early for preschoolers to begin playing with building toys. As your toddler’s building skills progress, he or she may be interested in the engineering challenge of roller coaster sets or STEM toys for kids. K’NEX is committed to helping kids of all ages understand 3-D building and spatial awareness. That’s why we offer many different types of building toys, including engineering toys for girls.

In 1992, K’NEX had no plans to become an educational toy company. The original mission of the company was to show kids that the only limit to their building creations was the size of their imagination. 25 years later, K’NEX prides itself on still connecting Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math and creating a way for all children to grow interest in the STEAM field. STEAMation™ can be found in each and every K’NEX set, and makes building dreams come true, with a fun-powered, 3-D reality.

K’NEX has won over 400 awards and recognitions, and our product line has building toys specially designed for every skill level and age group. Today, the K’NEX family of brands includes names such as Thrill Rides, IMAGINE Building Sets, Kid K’NEX®, K’NEX Education®, Mario Kart™, Super Mario™, K-FORCE Build and Blast®, Mighty Makers®, Plants vs. Zombies™, TINKERTOY® and LINCOLN LOGS® both under license from Hasbro, and more!

Kid K’NEX Blinkin’ Buddies Building Set

The best way to familiarize your toddler with the basic concepts of building and creating is with the Blinkin’ Buddies Building Set from Kid K’NEX®. Your little one will not only learn, but have fun playing with a building set that’s designed for ages three and above. Ignite your child’s creativity through playtime that engages him or her with the real world through toys that enable fun while expressing ideas. The Blinkin’ Buddies Building Set contains 23 large parts and pieces that contain vibrant colors and premium quality construction, including special parts and pieces that are only available in Kid K’NEX® sets, such as blinking eyes and multicolored tails, which allows your child to add personality and use their imagination.

Each Blinkin’ Buddies Set comes with a fully colored instructions sheet that provides step-by-step procedures on how to construct five suggested building ideas. You can always keep things fresh and interesting for the future engineering major in your house by coming up with endless building ideas that you can help your child to create. You’ll be able to watch your child create innovative buddies straight from their own imagination with this creativity inspired building set.

Igniting your children’s natural curiosity and creativity is one of the best ways to support their development. Building with the Blinkin' Buddies Building Set helps hone a child’s hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, cognitive functions, and spatial intelligence. Allow your little one’s imagination to flourish with this educational toy from K’NEX! Your child will be able to design, construct, and customize models and enjoy hours of fun playing and learning. Get your child the Blinkin' Buddies Building Set and let him or her enjoy wonder-filled playtime with adorable blinking pals!

Kid K’NEX Zoomin’ Rides Building Set

Another toy set perfect for introducing your child to the wonderful world of K’NEX and the art of building and creating is with the Zoomin’ Rides Building Set from Kid K’NEX®. This set allows your little one to have fun while learning with this educational toy that’s designed for ages three and above. The Zoomin’ Rides Building Set allows your child to spark their curiosity and let their imagination soar to heights they never thought were attainable as they become familiar with a toy that not only is fun, but lets them express their ideas.

This building set contains 64 parts and pieces of lively colors and premium quality construction. Toddlers will love being able to create basic-looking vehicles by themselves and along with your help by constructing complex structures that will keep them interested and wanting to craft more models. Creating cars that move, ships that cruise, planes that fly, and so much more will unleash your child’s fascination for vehicles. Get your little one the Zoomin’ Rides Building Set today and encourage them to develop their potential to build and create so they can be ready to conquer greater tasks!

Made in the USA

K’NEX is proud to be located in an eco-friendly facility located in Hatfield, Pennsylvania where we manufacture our unique rods and connectors. We pride ourselves on producing zero waste, and our facilities are landfill-free. At K’NEX, we are aware that many of our competitors make their toy products overseas, and that is why we are committed to developing and producing right here in the United States. We have manufactured more than 39 billion K’NEX building toy system pieces since 1992.

K’NEX is the imagination company building moving edutainment experience. We create our educational building kits for the hungry minds of children who are eager to push the limits of creativity, by putting together science, technology, engineering, art, math and imagination.